Key Facts

 Product features

  • Pattex Wood Classic glues together all types of wood, wood composites and even laminates. Great for all indoor projects. Water-based, solvent-free and really strong, Pattex Wood Classic gets the job done properly.
  • High bonding strength
  • Easy removal of adhesive residues

Possible uses

  • For assembly bonding (dowel, tongue and groove, mortise and tenon)
  • For gluing joints
  • For surface bonding


  • Bottle 750g
  • Bucket 5kg
  • Bucket 10kg
  • Bucket 30kg


  • Protect from frost. Temperatures below +5°C to be avoided

Key Notes:

  • Allow glue crusts or dried-on glue residues to soak and swell for several days before removing them.
  • Make sure to read the application and safety instructions given in our Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.


Surface preparation:

The surfaces to be joined must have good accuracy of fit and must be free of grease, load-bearing and clean.

Adhesive application:

Apply a thin layer to one side using a glue comb or glue roller; two-sided application in the case of hardwood or end-grain wood. Avoid contact with iron-containing tools.

Application temperature:

not below + 5° C (white point temperature)

Open time:

max. 12 min. (at 20 °C), depending on room temperature, air humidity, wood moisture and amount of glue applied. Join the parts while the glue is still wet.


Approx. 150 g/m², depending on the absorbency of the substrate