Key Facts

 Product features

  • For a bond that can withstand the elements. Pattex Wood Exterior/PU has a special formula that ensures strong, watertight adhesive power if wood is painted afterwards. Can even bond different combinations of materials, e.g. wood with plastic or metal for small interior applications. Suitable for all kinds of woods and ideal for straight, plane surfaces.
  • For indoor and outdoor jobs
  • Waterproof
  • Polyurethane-Prepolymer, MDI-free
  • high final bonding strength (D4)
  • yellowisch-transparent

Possible uses

  • Bonding of furniture components, surface bonding and for repairs of wood, wood-based materials together with absorbent materials
  • Exterior jobs
  • Strong bonding power


  •  Bottle 400g


  • Protect from frost.

Key Notes:

  • Allow glue crusts or dried-on glue residues to soak and swell for several days before removing them.
  • Make sure to read the application and safety instructions given in our Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.


Surface preparation:

At least one of the layers to be bonded must be absorbent. Most of the moisture-permeable surfaces such as wood, plasterboard, plaster, concrete etc. are suitable.

Components to be bonded must be dry and free of dust and grease. When bonding wood, its moisture content should be no more than 15 % and no less than 8 %.

Roughen very smooth surfaces with sandpaper (P 120) beforehand.

If dry types of wood are being bonded, we recommend dampening the surfaces slightly before application.

The more precise the fit, the higher the strength to be achieved. Clean wood rich in ingredients such as teak with acetone.

Adhesive application:

Apply strand-like or equally as a film by using a plastic adhesive spatula.

Pressure: Depending on structure, form and density of the material minimum 0.2 N/mm2, for hardwood bonding 0.3 – 0.5 N/mm2 and for work pieces under high tension higher. The higher the pressure, the higher the final bond strength.

Application temperature:

not below + 5 °C, not above +40 °C

Open time:

max. 8 min. (at 20 °C), depending on room temperature, air humidity, wood moisture and amount of glue applied. Join the parts while the glue is still wet.


Approx. 160 g/m², depending on the absorbency of the substrate