Trade names:

PVC, ABS, PMMA, metal, solid wood and melamine edge bands

The above-mentioned materials are offered in both strip and band form (rolls). They are used for facing and for protecting narrow surfaces (edges) on panel materials.

Protection against moisture and mechanical wear, visual enhancement of the narrow surface (for design reasons)

Edge bands are glued with hotmelt adhesives using the so-called hot/cold technique. The hotmelt is usually applied with edge banding machines. There exist two competing application systems: melting granulates in a melting tank and melting adhesive cartridges in a heating shaft.

  • EVA hotmelts:
    These are thermoplastic all-rounders that feature a good adhesion spectrum for a wide range of different materials. They are available as coloured (filled) and transparent (unfilled) systems.
  • PUR hotmelts:
    These are thermosetting specialists that reach excellent bonding strength and water/heat resistance due to subsequent cross-linking of the adhesive.

When gluing edge bands manually during repair work, when fixing edge bands to curved narrow surfaces, or when fixing thick edge bands made of solid wood, ABS or PVC , it is recommended to use contact adhesives as for example Pattex Liquid. Optionally, a filled polyurethane adhesive can be used. For glue-on edges made of solid wood it is possible to use a white glue like Pattex Classic.