Trade names:

Resopal, Trespa®, HPL (high pressure laminate), CPL (continuous pressure laminate), solid core panel, compact laminated panel

Solid core or compact laminated panels by Trespa® are composed of paper or wood fibres that have been impregnated with phenolic resin and pressed under high pressure and at high temperatures. Decorative laminated panels like HPL and CPL panels are equipped with an additional decorative layer and a protective coating on top (overlay).

High resistance to mechanical stress and exposure to moisture; wide variety of decors; no further surface treatment required

For surface bonding, when fixing for example decorative laminates on wood-based materials, a suitable white glue can be used. In the case of laminates designed for higher press temperatures (> 80 °C), it is possible to use urea resin glues for bonding. When the laminates are to be fixed on pre-shaped parts, this is best done using a contact adhesive (Pattex Liquid, Pattex Air Classic).

Solid core and compact laminated panels can be joined with absorbent surfaces by means of a white glue, contact adhesive or PUR adhesive. If such panels are used as wall cladding or for decorative applications, they can be fixed on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces with a suitable assembly adhesive (e.g. Pattex PL 300). Make sure to apply the adhesive in beads. Solid core and compact laminated panels should always be sanded down and cleaned before bonding so as to ensure better mechanical adhesion.