Trade names:

Marble, granite, basalt, sandstone, slate, quartzite, limestone

The term "natural stone" refers to all stone or rock as it is found in nature, i.e. shaped and sized by nature and not artificial or manmade. Natural stone that has been cut, sawn or hewn is known as ashlar whereas undimensioned natural stone is called quarry stone or crusher-run aggregate.

Design element, high mechanical resistance, weatherproof

The proper adhesive for bonding natural stones on wood or wood-based materials is a polyurethane product (PL 400 Express). If the bond is to have a vibration-dampening or gap-bridging effect, a 1-component Flextec® assembly adhesive like Pattex PL 300 is the right choice. These adhesives ensure that the natural stone will not change colour and become stained. Before applying the adhesive, make sure to provide a dust-free surface by vacuum-cleaning, sweeping or blowing off any particles and dust. It is not recommended to clean the natural stone surface with cleaning agents.